Can we start taking mental illness serious in the black community?

Giants is a coming of adulthood drama series that follows the lives of three black millennials, each battling their own inner giants as they approach age thirty. Thank you James Bland for writing and creating Giants that tackles mental health, as well as masculinity, throughout the series! In a video interview, actress Vanessa Baden Kelly, who plays Journee in Giants, speaks about the importance of taking mental health seriously, especially something thats trivialized in the black community. Her character in Giants aims to show the audience what mental health looks like, and that it sometimes isn't as easy as just getting out of bed. "We have to start identifying these problems...more than anything to start listening when people who are experiencing it are talking to us, are reaching out or crying for help...That's something I really hope Giants does, is put a face to what this looks like." 

Make sure to watch her full interview: Battling Mental Illness

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Battling Mental Illness (Vanessa's Interview)

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