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My friend and LA based actor Darryl Blalock Jr contacted me about a campaign him and his team put together. When I read more about the project I had no choice but to back it because it is everything I stand for and more. Their approach is something so unique and I can't wait to see this project once it's completed!

HeadSpace is a comedic series centered around mental health in the African American community. This new series tackles the ideas of mental health and therapy in the black community. This comedy series centers on two African American male psychotherapists and their journey through opening a new practice in the heart of a Black neighborhood.

"The main area where this show makes an impact is through exploring the attitudes and beliefs about therapy. There are a lot of reasons why people of color are less likely to seek mental health counseling - some reasons are rooted in financial and social issues.  For some, it is seen as a sign of weakness or a lack of faith in God."

Make sure to watch the HeadSpace Trailer on youtube and to support and back this project on IndieGogo! It is something our community needs!

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