Larry Sanders

Former NBA player for the Milwaukee Bucks, Larry Sanders, took to social media to speak on Mental Health in honor of Mental Health Awareness month. Previously speaking to Players' Tribune when he made the decision to leave the NBA in his prime in 2015, Why I Walked Away from the NBA, Sanders continues to be honest about his personal experience with mental health.

"There is a huge stigma around mental health..we all know it’s there, we deal with things on different levels but have yet to evolve to the point where we can openly discuss it. Know that we are NOT alone, see each other in one another, and begin to heal..studies have shown that trauma can actually be passed down I’m dealing with the trauma of my ancestors man....compassion is so key and we are in a crisis...sad to say compassion is far and few in between when not for publicity...We can only do our part though and tell our story, if you know someone in need or you yourself need someone to talk to, reach out and begin that journey, don’t be afraid! You’ll see more people deal with issues think you think! My door is open and so is my heart."

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