Nitty Scott

VICELAND features some of their favorite vocalists that tackle issues that matter to them. Recently they featured Brooklyn's own Nitty Scott, who reached many through her rap about the importance of mental health.

"We’re here in Brooklyn outside of John Jay High School where I graduated class of ’09. I ran away to New York City at age 17. I was suicidal, homeless. It was here at this school that I sought help for the first time, and I think that’s why it was important for me to come back here and remember the journey that I’ve taken so far when it comes to my mental health. It’s very important for me to be a voice to people who may not be as willing to share their struggles with psychological distress, and create a safe place to discuss those things, especially within hip hop culture.” 

Thank you for your vulnerability and for using your art as a vehicle to share your story for VICELAND.

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