When it comes to conversations about depression and mental illness, commonly in the African American community, those discussions are silenced. Those suffering rarely speak out fearing that they are alone or that they'd be judged. As an "African American" there is always a stigma of having to be strong and independent, so any sign of weakness is often hidden or swept under the rug. Why is that?

No Longer Silent,  is a movement and platform of the honest portrayal of Depression and Mental Health through personal testimonies. This tool will be used to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness, as well as to help persons realize that they are not alone, and that you can gain back control of the light at the end of the tunnel. Your voice is the most expensive gift you were given on earth, and this platform can and will help someone who has been effected by mental illness, directly or indirectly. 

The goal of the #NoLongerSilent movement is to create an outlet which will lead to dialog and conversations within their own homes and communities about mental illness. 

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